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HIIT Fitness Life Studios


A high-intensity interval class alternating between intense exercises followed by short recovery periods. This session is designed to improve your athletic capacity and condition.


A fat-burning, cardiovascular, strength and toning workout. In this session, you will learn boxing techniques and skills while we challenge you with alternate cardio and body weight exercises to really get the heart pumping.


Use the TRX Suspension Trainer to leverage gravity and bodyweight and perform total body exercises. In this session you will experience a total body workout. Challenge your core and take your body through a variety of movement patterns.


Using interval timings, we focus on upper body, lower body, core and cardio exercises ensuring you get a total body workout. This session is designed to accommodate all fitness levels, challenge the individual in a supportive and encouraging environment. (includes Créche service for parents.)


Using a fixed wheel bike and alternating the resistance, this session will improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance. This session is creative and designed to inspire you to push harder, sweat more and burn those calories.


Build confidence and familiarity with strength training, under coach supervision in dedicated small group sessions. Maintain your momentum with monthly program updates tailored to suit a variety of ability levels. Meet training partners and train hard together!


The session none of us have ‘time for’ but the session we all need. Focusing on the whole body but narrowing in on those tight or sore spots. We use a variety of modalities including foam rollers, lacrosse balls and resistance bands to complement our most favoured stretches.

Over 50’s Training

Specially crafted to suit the needs of our over 50’s cohort. Our six week programs are supervised and delivered by our experienced coaching team. Improve strength, balance, flexibility, bone density and make some new friends along the way. Senior pricing available.